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These Spoilers were Taken From Soap Opera Weekly Magazine and Dustins Another World Page Week of May 17

Spoilers week of May 17

Cass finds Lila and Matt in a compromising position

Tito reverts to blackmail

Felica and Sergei marry

Rachel uncovers Jordan secret but may be to late to save Alli and Amanda

Paulina suffers a medical crisis

Vicky and Jake try to reconcile

Marely and Tyrone have a heart to heart talk

Spoilers for the week of May 24

David Undergoes a life alterting ordeal

Joe comes to a stunning realization

Tito slips while trying to secure his financial future

Comings and Goings

From Scully ....Seems Tucker Sinclair might not be coming to town after all. The character was part of a long-term plan that the head honchos had to liven up Bay City during the summer to draw the younger viewers, but in light of recent events, those plans have apparently been scrapped. KC Burrell, however, is still slated to come to town sometime in May. (I'd've rather had Tucker. At least he EXISTED in Gary's history -- creating KC Burrell is like bringing on the child that Donna and Carl had during their marriage. Yeah, I know -- WHAT child?) With NBC's brain, I meant to say looks like the Latino characters they promised us might never materialize.

John Littlefield is leaving Another World this spring Littlefield Joined the show in April 1998 replacing Tim Gibbs(Now Kevin on one life to live}The departure is storyline dicated this was reported from Sod

Judi Luciano (Paulina) has signed on for 4 more years.

Jensen Buchanan (Vicky) has agreed to stay.

From ShadySha Mark Pinter (Grant) has re-signed.

From ShadySha

Joe Barbara (Joe) has signed on for another three years.

YIPPEE! As many may have heard, Mark Mortimer is back on contract. He was put on recurring status for a short time, but then signed a thirteen week contract. We'll see Mark around on AW until at least March, and hopefully longer. Mark has grown a lot during his time on AW, and I'm glad he's sticking around. I lost all respect for Nick awhile ago, but Mark is managing to change my mind, as well as forgive him for replacing one of my favorites, Kevin McClatchey. I know, not his fault, but it's easy to blame the recast when they rewrite the character for them. (This news comes straight from"horse's" mouth -- Mark Mortimer passed it on to his official page runner, and I'm sharing it with you.