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Today there is hope. When Charles Keating was fired everyone in charge seemed to be against his staying. Savitz, Lee, Ohlmeyer ignored the mass campaign asking for he reinstatement though it was the largest out pouring of emotional response by the fans that the industry had ever seen.

But today there is hope. Savitz who was hand picked by NBC and was there yes man has been canned. Proctor and Gamble has installed someone of their own into the EP position. Someone who is said to be supportive of the show and wanting to get it back to what it once was, the best Soap on the air.

And with Chris Goutman, the fans demands stand a chance. This is our best shot at saving AW. So take a stand dust off your word processors, Pencils, pens and paper. Let The Powers that be know we have not forgotten what they did to Charles Keating and that we have not stopped fighting for his return. Even if AW is gone in 6 months at least in your hearts you will know that you did try to help salvage it in all the ways you could.

But there is even more to persuade you to write Don Ohlmeyer is also on his way out. He is the director of NBC daytime. He's the one who makes the big discussions and he also is credited as to saying that Carl and Rachel's love Scene's made his stomach turn. True or not just the rumor of this is a sick example of the trashing of AW by NBC. So this could be what we are waiting for, the very things that had to happen for Charles Keating to return seem to be happening.

This is the first time in 2 years that the fans have a real chance at making a difference. But we have to build the same momentum and power that we had in April and in May. So if you are an AW fan, a Carl and Rachel fan or just feel that AW isn't as great as it was and want to contribute. Please go to the CK Protest Page, print out the fax #, emails', phone # and snail mails. Jam the phone lines again, Clog their emails', and Fax's, and flood their mail rooms. What do we have to lose? Nothing and everything to gain.
Just my humble opinion,

The Charles Keating Protest Page