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One Fan's Point of View!

A Fan's P.O.V.

Another World, right now by my count, only really has two plots- two very complex plots which roll off many many many equally complex stories. First there is the Cory Publishing Mayhem. Cory has most of it funds stolen. We must rebuild Cory. This story has started the super sexy super couple of Cameron and Amanda and thrown a real villian, Scott, into the mix. In another story, Matt gave the money he was using to start a company with his girlfriend, back to Mom to help the company. It was set up that the end of Matt and Sofia's comany was also the end of their relationship (parallel writing is a beautiful thing).

The second big plot (perhaps the biggest sptory ever told on daytime or primetime for that matter) is Jake and Vicky. Some have said that AW ODed on this couple but Tom and Jensen proof through their wonderful acting that you can never get enough of them. Well they are separated because of lies- many of lies, nut one big one in particular- Jake was informed that Vicky slept with Shane. Who told him? Marley. Who told her? Donna. Who told her? Lila. Who told her? Well Grant sort of was a lie that Grant forced Lila to pen in a journal. Who will ever forget the witty bittering of Lila and Cass (he's such a "Moralistic Prig"). Who will ever forget when Vicky ran into the hospital room, revealing that it was Marley that Donna really mowed down? Who will ever forget Marley powerful stuggle with herself were she is fighting good and bad (who even knew Marley could be bad?). Who will ever forget Lila miscarrying her baby and begging for help as Cass and Jake and Grant all accidently ignore? "Something's not right, Grant," Lila panicks. "You're right," Grant worries. "I maybe losing my son!" Who will ever forget Gary opeing up to Cindy? We have known Gary for what? about five years, but now we realize that we never really knew gary at all. And who could ever forget Marley and Tyrone on the peir? I never ever liked Tyrone...I was wishing he would get deported...but when he and Marley talked on the peir, I found a couple that could be right up there with Amanda and Cameron (my favorites). Cheers to AW for complex plots that pull all the characters together and giving us so many moments to remember.

Another World may not have a large cast, but I see this as a positive thing. The cast that they do have is very talented, sexy, and overlapped. Any of these characters can have a scene together and pull it off. Some characters past's and actor's talents are just to good to be true. Take newcomer Remy for example. She made be rough around the edges, but that kid's got talent. She's been on only a handle full of episodes and has already acted opposite of Felicia, Paulina, Sofia, and Nick. It seems like I've known her longer than many other daytime characters (no names...sorry...I'm not here to bash daytime...I'm here to applaud AW). It was so refreshing to see Remy, a blue-collar kid, go crazy when introduced to Felicia Gallant, a romance novalist. Let me tell you, Remy is one cast member that I will be more than happy to learn about. Cheers to AW for adding to the cast only when the cast needs added to, and making that casting count!