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Marley thinks she is making headway in gaining Jake's affection this week on Another World, but that is as far from the truth as hse is from sanity.

After giving Vicky's "confession" letter to Jake, Marley does everything she can to convince him that the letter is not a fake. Jake has a few moments of doubt, but changes his mind when he sees Steven reading the letter and crying. Jake decides to hand over the letter to Joe for analysis, but doesn't see the clue that Vicky has included in the envelope

"Marley is so wrapped up in this huges deception, which is growing every day, that she couldn't possibly notice Vicky putting a piece of fiber in the letter,"Ellen Wheeler(Marley)" explains.

Later, Marley finds out that Grant had regained consciousness, and forces him to keep quiet about the fact that Vicky didnt shoot him, as everyone believes. Cindy is also forced to go along with the plan, "Well, Cindy has to, because her earlier actions have put her right in the middle and Marley has her over a barrel," Wheeler says with a laugh. "Marley basically tells Grant, 'I have the tape again, and we will use it against you.' She even goes further in threatening him, telling him to be careful what he does, because you never know what might happen to Vicky."

Grant doesn't know that Marley has Vicky, "but he suspects it, and Marley lets him think it in order to hold it over his head," Wheeler adds. Though it is empowering for Marley to have Grant on the receiving end of her machinations. "she knows it is fleeting. vicky even says to her, 'You're fooling yourself if you think you have Grant. It doesn't matter what you have over him, you can never manipulate Grant.' Deep down, Marley know this, just like hse know she can't get rid of Vicky and truly be happy. But at this moment she doesnt have any other choice but to try.....and she thinks it is working

Jake backs up her belief when he breaks down in Marley's arms. "There is a part of her that is so happy because she finally has him in her arms, but there in another part that is torn, because he is in pain, "Wheeler says, "I dont think until this point she fully understood how big the cost would be in following through with this plan."

At week's end, Jake finally finds Vicky's clue, and later sees Marley wearing a scarf that appears to match the fiber. will he make the connection?

This Article Taken for Soap Opera Weekly dated....december 15th